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 Shari Pheasant

Coaching Solutions

 For individuals, executives, and leaders interested in taking their career and life to the next level. Identify your scientific value to the team.

Lean In Leadership Workshops

No matter how well your business runs, there is always room for improvement, and our Lean IN workshops open your eyes to a new way of doing things.

Business Development Plans

Map a plan and make it happen in your business.  Reach goals as a team, empower your staff and earn high profits with ease.

Special Services

Once you become a client, we are by your side every step of the way.  Shari uses a variety of methods to keep in touch, teach and guide you through your journey to a more successful career, and/or business.

Shari will teach you how to understand your DNA of behaviors, driving forces, emotional intelligence, competencies.  When you identify and utilize your valuable traits every day and you will immediately become more successful!

Several c-suite executives, multi-million dollar business owners, brokers and career oriented people have achieved greatness with the assistance of Shari's coaching and business prowess.


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Direct and Simple

No matter what business or personal strategies you need assistance, Shari can help you find a better way to manage goals, maximize profits, increase employee happiness and engagement to bring greater satisfaction to your work.

Incredible Testimonials

Dale Pointon

Dale Pointon

Wholesale Manager, Napa Auto Parts

Shari is passionate, knowledgeable and driven! She is a fantastic motivator and will lead people to better themselves if they are willing! It was a pleasure working with her and look forward to future endeavors!


Jill Trotta pic

Jill Trotta

Director, Automotive Group, Repair Pal

I have attended numerous hours of professional development in my 25-year career in the automotive industry. I can confidently say that the two days I spent with Shari had an immediate effect not only on my professional interactions but also in my personal interactions.

Caitlyn WIlliams

Caitlyn Williams

Vice President of Client Services, Kukui

Shari does an amazing job of bringing out authenticity and honesty in the team. Understanding my own brought a whole new level of awareness to the way I communicate with those around me and collaboration has a whole new meaning.

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