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Enter High-Performance Culture

Poor communication, misunderstandings and misdirected teams are the number one internal factor that can bring your business to a grinding halt.

Stress, conflict, and high turnover result in lost profits, low engagement, poor productivity, lost profits and unhappiness.

Are you throwing away money on rebranding, additional marketing or a new technology that doesn’t address the real issue – and may make it worse?  Do you know?

The good news is that this problem can be uncovered and fixed in my one-day seminars, monthly programs, or long-term engagements.

As a growth strategist, I help align your team, increase your sales, and gain accountability on your team by using an innovative technique to develop your team’s people skills.

Fix the problem by focusing your people on issues that matter. Grow their accountability using science-based emotional predictive technology to get results – fast!

Turn your business into a thriving model of modern desired culture by training your team to communicate differently and see each other more authentically.

It is happening with teams everywhere, why not yours?

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Success Rate Over 10 Years

I have attended numerous hours of professional development in my 25-year career in the automotive industry. I can confidently say that the two days I spent with Shari had an immediate effect on my professional and personal interactions.

- Jill Trotta, Vice President, Marketing, Industry, and Sales at RepairPal

Raise Your Employee Productivity

I help leaders deliver results with data-driven actions that help shape their organization.

Curated experiences help your teams to reconnect and bond using new tools for communication, behavior analysis, compassion-based exercises, and a bit of humor.

My team-building workshops have consistently proven to help:

Shari brought our corporate team closer in ways that we were never able to do on our own. It’s much easier to communicate with my teammates now that I know what energizes them and what rubs them the wrong way. It also allowed me to embrace my strengths and use them like superpowers.

Jessica May, Client Success Coordinator at Kukui Corporation

Are You Ready For A Healthier, Happier Workplace?

How people perceive their worth at their job translates to the effort they put in. People who feel safe, seen, and heard are more productive employees.

The proof is in the numbers. 

Raise productivity 25%

Grow margins 12%

Increase engagement 31%

Lower turnover up to 45%

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