From the hills to the boardroom,
it is all about horsepower for me.


I'm Shari

I am a people-first growth specialist that’s been changing lives and company cultures for over 30 years. I am told I am a vibrant and memorable public speaker whose transformational work translates seamlessly into the everyday.

I think that’s because I am so comfortable getting “naked” with you and helping you get “naked” too.

And that statement, gets attention and tells you how directly I communicate.

With  curated and actionable workshops, I can deliver a clear message that can generate transformational results in a single day. We can continue with my monthly services, or a long-term engagement.

My work with you is now supported with my online courses in my Horsepowered Leadership Hub.

Creating workplace harmony is so much more than an aspirational goal or a box to tick to ensure your company is aware and actionable enough to stay relevant. Improving people’s social abilities so that they understand their own communication patterns and learn healthy ways to interact with others leads to radical company-wide improvement to in-house work, as well as all of your customer experience.

Shari's leadership advice and guidance has helped me grow tremendously! I work in a very fast paced environment where I'm expected to manage a high-volume of global projects all at once. She has helped me understand strategies for managing up, and maintain strong cross-functional relationships in order to achieve daily tasks and overarching career goals. Shari is consistently spot-on with her ability to put herself in your shoes, and truly understand what any situation needs, while giving the best tactical directives as next steps to take with you for the future. From working with Shari at the event, and outside of it, she has helped me become a more defined conscientious leader. I highly recommend this event to grow personally, and in your career!

- Kiley Fasano - Senior Producer at Apple

Help Shift The Conversation

Leadership is as much about listening as it is discovering how to reach the full growth potential for your team.

While most of us are born with the ability to hear, listening is an active skill that requires training and a special toolset that requires practice to fully master. Without the capability to listen to others around us, we end up being left out of the conversation.

Shari’s interpersonal skills help leaders and their teams develop these valuable assets. Your team becomes accountable for each of your individual roles that help support the greater good of your company. Empowered people make bold choices and fulfill their destiny as part of a team that works well together. They experience profound joy and fulfillment from their employment. This results in a team that wants to be good at their jobs and are willing to go the extra mile to achieve greatness.

Businesses across the U.S. have seen this firsthand, Shari trains thousands of people across hundreds of teams with a 99.9% success rate. She’s able to deduce which strategy is going to best support your company growth, then help to instill a few simple fixes to help untangle complex problems. This completely shifts the conversation from a defensive battle, to a collaborative effort to improve company culture.

Shari Pheasant Can Help You Create Lasting Impact

Shari’s highly sought-after leadership programs are deeply meaningful for everyone involved, facilitating the key actions that are required for true change.

As a business innovator, growth strategist, talent development specialist, engagement consultant, organizational facilitator and powerful keynote speaker, Shari continues to be deeply involved in personal growth and how it plays a massive role in shifting your company culture. As a certified professional behavioral analyst, Shari understands that your employee happiness is the strongest profit driver in your business.

Her innovative approach to building, growing, and inspiring company culture from the inside out starts with a people-first strategy. She believes that no one is broken, but that we can all benefit from new insights in how to interact so that we can consistently create win-win scenarios where everyone feels happy. Shari collaborates with leading consultants and coaches; working with hundreds of businesses to improve communication, engagement and achievement. 

Through transparency and sustainable communication techniques, she assists leaders in successfully gaining greater alignment, a stronger trajectory of success, and a fully engaged, innovative culture.

Boots on the ground! Shari dazzles from her very first step on stage. She has a reputation for helping to ease into the difficult but important conversations and working through them until you’re able to realize true change. Shari will push, challenge, and inspire you to shift yourself and the world around you, offering the tools you need to do it right, now.

Shari’s company, Horsepower Strategies blends human psychology with leadership and team support using the magic of caring for horses. This innovative system creates breakthroughs in personal leadership, occupational therapy, physical rehabilitation, and psychological therapy. The life-changing Barn Boot Camp program became the launching point for a successful path in live speaking events, private workshops, and online courses.

Awards and Accolades

Wow! Shari is exciting, energetic, and genuine! You can feel the passion she has for the industry. I was motivated and intrigued by all the knowledge she shared. I hope to see more of her!"

- Zach A., Auto Shop Owner

Unlock Your Best Team - Compassion Is Evergreen

Are you a good leader? Become an even better leader by proactively taking the first step to enhance your company culture. Find the program here that’s designed to fit your needs.

How would your entire business change if your employees all got along, respected you, and felt respected by you? Imagine looking forward to coming in every day at the office because you truly value the work that is getting done and feel like your employees truly value the work you do.

Book a call with Shari to find out which strategy will help you create the best version of your team.