An employee attending a virtual meeting with his colleagues at his office desk.

Lessons in Leadership from Tesla’s Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is a controversial figure, but his leadership has undeniably propelled Tesla to become a dominant force in the electric vehicle industry.  However, his recent actions as a high-profile leader have highlighted a worrying trend: the impersonal and abrupt termination of employees via email.  This method is not

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a woman talking to her manager and the manager looks disinterested in their conversation.

7 Signs Your Manager Doesn’t Respect You and How to Respond

Navigating the professional landscape is challenging enough without the added stress of a disrespectful manager. Recognizing the signs of a manager who doesn’t respect you is crucial for your well-being and career growth.  Here are seven signs to consider and strategies for responding to each, including knowing when it’s time to move on. Shari Says:

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Two middle aged men in a corporate office looking at a computer screen and discussing.

Stop Hovering, Start Leading: How to Ditch Micromanagement

I stood outside his door, knowing the conversation was not going to go well. But, I had to do it. The micromanagement I was experiencing from this CEO was stifling.  I was getting everything done that was asked, well almost, but it took three times as much time because of his last minute, unplanned interruptions

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Work to Become, Not to Acquire

Shari Pheasant takes us on an intimate journey into the realms of “Acquiring vs. Becoming” in her latest blog post. With a candid and thought-provoking approach, Shari invites readers to strip away the external and dive deep into the essence of true self-discovery. As she explores the transformative power of understanding one’s inner motivations and

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