Good People Are, In Fact, Easy To Find

Job Matching Allows You to Reinvent the Way You Find Talent

One fact I’ve found most people are stunned by is that, contrary to popular belief, good people are easy to find.

How do I know this? It’s because I have been showing companies how to stop hiring  and instead approach finding talent entirely different, successfully, for years. 

I have taught them how to allow their job to speak for itself so they can find the right person for each position, the first time. And you can, too.

First, you have to let go of the concept of hiring and the baggage that comes with it: The tedious process of sifting through hundreds of random resumes, hours of interviews.  

You have to let go of “getting to the bottom of it” in the interview and thinking from one to three conversations you can know enough to understand in the best way possible if this person is the right fit.  

And you must stop crossing your fingers hoping that you’ve found the right candidate in the end. 

There is a different way to do it today.

Now that you’ve reset your preconceptions about hiring, you can now begin to open your mind to “job matching”.

You see, we’ve been going about hiring all wrong for decades, clinging to practices that may have worked once upon a time but are no longer relevant today. With real science, modern technology and an understanding of the entire person, we now have the power to use job matching to find the right person the first time. 

Job matching is a whole-person approach that takes into account what any and every job requires in terms of behaviors, motivators and competencies, and matches candidates with those same inherent abilities and skills with a job that they will feel rewarded and fulfilled in. 

It also can help us see if candidates will fit into our culture by  comparing the value systems of the company and the candidate.

Hiring is offering a job. Job matching is pairing people with the next step in their career. It is finding someone who is the right fit for the job role we are fulfilling.  It is creating a long term, predictable result. 

See the difference?

In order to truly embrace the concept of job matching, you must first understand the myths that imprison business owners in their old ways of hiring. I want to take you through those here today.  

These are the six most common, most widely disseminated hiring myths:

Myth #1: The hiring process starts with the job description.

False! While most use a job description as step one, they really need to look at key accountabilities instead. 

By looking at key accountabilities specific to the job, you’re outlining what it will take for that person to be successful at the job and how they will impact the organization. 

In a job description you are outlining the tasks that need to be done, some employers have advanced and are outlining skill sets and attitudes and this is one step closer to the best hiring practice. 

Hiring for a job match, are the behaviors, drivers and competencies present needed to complete these tasks that fit our culture.

Myth #2: I am unbiased when I hire.

False! Even if you consciously attempt to be objective, it is nearly impossible not to draw on your past experiences and perceptions to make judgments. 

Biases are inevitable, and that’s why an objective, unbiased applicant screening process needs to be in place to screen for you. 

Using a job match system when hiring allows you to minimize and almost delete bias from the process. The job speaks through itself through people who know that job. 

In hiring, we can match the candidate to the job qualifications laid out through this process. It takes the hiring process from a 6-10% chance of accurately hiring the right person the first time to a 65% – 95% accuracy rating.

Myth No. 3: My hiring process isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough.

Probably not. As organized as you may be, operating without a talent management system can make your company susceptible to liability with even the slightest oversight. 

Resumes get lost in the shuffle, but by law you are required to retain all hiring materials for seven years. And let’s let go of the legal requirements.  

Hiring today requires a new approach or turnover will be constant in your company.  Talent is asking for a new process because they are seeking a better match in their career and life roles.  

This requires a new system of organized, scientific (accurate, no guessing anymore) system that benefits the employee and the employer.

Myth No. 4: Of all of the resumes received, we ended up with the best candidate.

Maybe, but maybe not. There’s no way to know this answer for sure without understanding exactly what to look for in a candidate through the job itself and understand parts of the candidate they may not even be aware of today.  

This is why the screening part of hiring is crucial; by benchmarking it doesn’t allow mismatched candidates to get to the job interview stage, where it’s easier for biases to creep in.

Myth No. 5: Hiring is a time-consuming, money pit.

False! It does not have to be. Assessment-based screening systems programmed to identify job-based matching to a person’s core behaviors, motivations and inherent skills will transform your hiring into a talent match experience that is less time-consuming and cost-effective. 

Your up front investment in time and money continues to be returned in multifold results through putting the right butt in the right seat the first time.  Less hiring costs, wasted training time, money put into candidates that do not stay and then you start all over again.  

No more spending endless money on ads, videos for your website and social media and time (and salary) on interviewing, and training that does not give you the results you deserve.  

What could you do with your extra time if you didn’t spend it on hiring others with mediocre results?

Myth No. 6: Hiring tools are just used for hiring.

False! In today’s hiring world using scientifically based, proven, relevant assessments to provide a new hire’s foundation to on-boarding, job-related training, skill development and leadership development is crucial to your successful hiring process. 

When it’s time for an annual review, use their assessment to chart a growth plan that is job related.

When you job match, rather than hire, you reinvent the way you find talent. You hire the whole person and scrap the needle-in-the-haystack approach. Instead, the best job-matched candidates reveal themselves based on assessment results of behaviors, motivators, skills and acumen.

A Fortune 500 company who worked with our assessment, talent planning process eliminated 97% of its bad hires. Had the company screened better in the beginning, imagine the time and money they could have been saving. 

The key to avoiding bad hires is to never interview a candidate who failed the screening process.

It turns out, good people are easy to find — with the right tools in place.

Ready to learn more about job matching, instead of hiring? 

I invite you to schedule a free 20 minute discovery call with me to learn more about a new way of finding talent.  


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