Identifying The Leader In You

Discover Your Unique Value!

A Clear Path To Achieving More Connected Conversations

This is my totally spot-on, change your life course that has driven different, more connected conversations that are influencing and invigorating greatness.  It is how high performing people strengthen relationships to change the trajectory of their success.

This knowledge, and applying it daily has changed and is changing the lives of thousands of successful leaders, business owners, and professionals who have a new vision for how their leadership shows up and gets it done.

This is the detailed work that helps you to see how to change every day by identifying your “authentic styles”,  learning how you can be your best self. and seeing how you can be perceived by others. 


This course is the “how”, the “why” and the “what for” that will supercharge your mindset and skills! It will open a new way of thinking about, relating to, and understanding others in your relationships. 

It’s the equivalent of thousands of dollars in professional results driven leadership coaching, and conveniently is programmed so you can work at your own pace. This wisdom will live with you forever. And it needs to. 

You didn’t get where you are overnight and you won’t adapt to the new workforce demands overnight either. It is a process.  I want you to have the tools you need all the way through the process.  Hence our online course availability.

You Will:

Identify your styles and drivers as a Leader
Reignite how you build genuine connections
Take your professional relationships to the next level
Gain greater impact & influence with everyone
Dig deeper with how you understand and relate to people

Will It Work For You?

My track record with my clients has built a 99.9% success rate for personal growth.


How is this possible?


People like you need solutions that are possible. Stuff that works. Techniques you can learn fast and use when they’re needed. I have created a course that uses best practices that work.  And it is easy.  All you need to do is listen and take action along the way, as you go about your day to day.  


Some courses expect you to do all the hard work.


But, I’m guessing that your job already provides enough stress and difficult situations. So, you won’t find more stress here.  


You will actually look forward to spending time with me, learning the things that change your world!


And that comes from feedback from hundreds of happy, successful and impactful leaders.


Your convenience is important.  And that is why I made every element of this course as simple as it can possibly be. Unless you’re trying to multitask and do the course while climbing up a mountain, you can get through it without breaking a sweat!, and at your own pace.


After completing the course, you will be able to help others understand your styles and drivers and you will know how to adapt to connect with those that have different styles and drivers than you. 


This is the start to building your ability to be a strong ally for yourself and for others.  You can be more productive, engaged, and connected while delivering improved results for you and your business.


And why do this alone?  Why not get your team to take part together?  If you do not work with a team, what about some peers and colleagues?  It is always more fun when you get to grow together!

The Best Part? You Will Start Seeing The Results Quickly.

This isn’t some crazy course that teaches you something that can not be applied right away or without additional knowledge. I am not teaching you a  parlor trick, using sneaky language so you can make it seem like you know what you’re talking about, when you really don’t.

It’s real-world People-First skills that erase conflict and help you manage tricky situations so you can always get the best outcome.

Get results now. 

Learn to use the tools that great leaders have been using to achieve greatness across every industry for years. Positive results will happen immediately when you use the daily actions that are prescribed!

If you’ve ever come to the office dreading an upcoming meeting or one-on-one, or just felt like you were not being heard and your talent was not seen, this is your answer.  

This course will open new doors and knock down walls.

 If you have been sadly hoping that your employees will somehow commit or finally become accountable for their own mistakes, then you need to step up and take action first. 

This is the course you need to do that in a way that will bring you the results you are seeking.


Identify Your People

Accountability is one of the key factors that helps keep people on track – even you, no matter how motivated you are. Learning to identify people through their authentic styles and drivers can help explode their self-confidence and make team members feel like they truly belong, because they do. 

And you belong here and deserve to feel good about yourself too. 

When you sign up for Identifying the Leader In You, you get lifelong access to our informative videos identifying styles, drivers, and the why people do what they do. If you’ve been searching for an intelligent, supportive people-first method to substantially change your life, this is it! 

If you are tired of buying programs that give you information but fail to show you how to apply it in your day to day, this is where that stops!

Once you see the value in what you learn in our Identify the Leader in You Course you will want to share this course with others.  And we want that too!

This is how we change the current work environment and allow people to access their greatness together for the betterment of everyone.  

When you can identify your scientific “naked truth” and know for sure how your styles and drivers really show up, you become a better leader, a better person and someone who others come to for advice.  

This course, Identifying the Leader, exposes you to your scientifically based styles and drivers and helps you understand the differences between them. 

This is a step ahead of our Uncovering course, which explains the styles but does not offer you the opportunity to find out your scientific naked truth.  

Look, without taking our assessment, it is like many of the other altered online ones that is really just guessing.  That’s why we love our Identifying course so much -it is taking you on the inside of your truth and helping you in ways that have never happened before.

Join our facebook page, Shari Pheasant, Founder & Speaker. 

Ask important questions, offer essential anecdotes. Find companionship and commonalities. Together, we build a bigger and better value orietned world.


You're In Charge Now!

Take control of your understanding of others. Work on what can bring you the results you deserve.

This course exposes you to a new way of seeing yourself and relating to others differently. You will go to work eager to identify styles and learn how to connect in a different manner than before.

Your team will notice how you are showing up different and I bet your influence grows quickly.

You will begin to experience more meaningful and increasingly positive relationships with others, even the people you’ve had a hard time reaching in the past.

Best of all, you will learn how to identify who is right in front of you.

Your financial investment is small. Imagine the tremendous value you will get from identifying your scientific authentic self, and when you finally are able to effectively recognize different styles of those around you. 

Take the first step to work with me, through my Identifying the Leader in You course.  This is your opportunity to see how well you know yourself and how you show up.

Then find out if you are right!

I care about you and your success.  If you’re not 100% satisfied, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. The only thing you have to lose are the inhibitions that hold you back in your business.

Here's Your Bonus!

Download the “Leaders Connected Communication Guide”. Learn the core concepts behind getting your team on board with this new conflict-free success paradigm.

Maybe you’re already trying to implement some of these strategies. You might have a few tricks up your own sleeve that are already working.

Inside this guide, you will find out what works for real people-first leaders and discover new, easy actionable items to start your company up-shift today.

This is a great addition to your learning modules in this course.