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Shari shares her experiences through direct and laughable moments, stories that will shock you and the facts about what is going on right now. She stirs the room. Shari has the reputation for having difficult conversations and not walking away from change. She tells her clients: “If you are looking for someone to hold your hand – I am not for you. I will push you, challenge you and inspire you to shift yourself and the world around you and give you the tools to do it beginning now.”

An Award-Winning Business Expert, Talent Development Strategist, and Growth Specialist, Shari has been named Woman Of The Year by The International Women’s Leadership Association, Business Expert Mentor Of The Year by Economic Development Authority Of Nevada, and Female Shop Owner Of The Year over the last decade.

Jefferson award winner and community activist Shari influenced our state to become the first in the nation to facilitate a Bully Free Task Force with Frankie Sue Del Pappa, Attorney General and Jack McGlaughlin, State Superintendent of Schools.

Shari’s programs are perfect for employees, employers, CEOs, business owners, and leaders. Participants in Shari’s programs will discover and learn more about their natural leadership styles, their adaptations, value to any organization, and key strategies on strengthening their weaknesses while taking their strengths to a new level.  

Specifically, clients and program attendees will learn to identify their leadership styles and learn how to properly utilize them in the workplace so they can improve the power of their influence and impact, so they can get more of what they desire, with more free time and less stress.  Results to be expected include clarity in communication which strengthens relationships, knowledge of understanding others styles, and a more accurate view of how others may perceive you, what your greatest assets are and how you show up in the world. 

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Women’s Leadership & Legacy Retreat

Shari also facilitates a women’s leadership development event yearly in September; the Lead Your Legacy Women’s Leadership Retreat, where she provides women an event to learn and develop professionally in an environment filled with activities and outdoor learning environments at Lake Tahoe. Learn how to develop your authentic feminine leadership professionally and scientifically.  

And yes – we feed your spirit and soul during this event!

Shari is the main trainer and speaker for this event. She organizes and provides women exposure to specific training each year that develops the leader in them.

lead your legacy leadership retreat

COMING SOON – EARLY 2021:  The Female Leaders Path online course

Women are approximately 50% of the workforce, and still only make up less than 23% of high level executives in companies worldwide. The new workforce is asking for a new type of leadership that comes naturally to many women.  And it is not about a glass ceiling, it is about the broken rung of the ladder. Let us help you get past the broken rung and climb to the top of your leadership ladder!

Shari’s Signature Programs and Trainings

Shari’s proven organizational and professional development programs include Driven To Know, Driven From Within, Driven To Succeed, and Driven To Excel. These programs are developmentally based on best practices and scientifically backed methods.

Her The Aligned Leadership Series; The Aligned Team, The Aligned Leader, and AlignUS is meant for leaders & teams and will change the conversation in your workplace overnight!


Uncover real data that drives results.  Learn which strengths build and break your team. This program is usually formatted in a team day training.


Dig into the real you and uncover your personal greatness in this eye-opening program designed to help you get naked, get comfortable, and get real.


Focus on personal accountability and team dynamics. Once you understand yourself it is time to learn to identify and understand others. 


Gain alignment and identify common team drivers. Learn how the team dynamics work together and how we can smooth out the edges to produce an in sync, well-connected team.


Strategic, transparent, vulnerable leadership is now mandated for all leaders in companies of all sixes. Learn how to better align with your team by beginning with you.


Leading your team with confidence and keeping everyone engaged is a task that can be daunting. Truly engaged, dedicated leaders are willing to dig in to find out what is happening beneath the waters of their team. Learn how to raise the engagement of your team!


Getting everyone on the same page and to understand the different styles on the team can be difficult.  When you know what to expect and everyone is accountable it changes the dynamics of your culture. This training will shift the conversation of your team overnight!

Are you wondering if Shari can serve you and your team? And what will the results be? If Shari can help you? Are you curious? Shari is dynamic and has built her knowledge base over a 40 year period in management, business ownership, and consulting!

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