Identifying the Leader in You


Identifying the Leader in You


This is our online course that is your second step in your journey if you have attended our Uncovering the Leader in You or have taken our online course.  In Uncovering, you learned about styles and were taught the basics to make an educated guess to identify the styles of people.  Then we took you through the process to practice by uncovering the leader in yourself.

In this course, we provide a link for you to go in and find out your “naked sceintific truth” that will reveal your styles and drivers. You get to see if you uncovered the truth and learn to understand how crucial it is to find out if there is a scientific difference.  It is as crucial as thinking you wear a size 9 shoe and you buy and have to wear a size 6 1/2.  It is painful if not downright impossible to do successfully.

That’s why you get your initial reveal