Talent Insight Certification TrainingPayment Plan

Talent Insight Certification TrainingPayment Plan

$500.00 / month for 2 months and a $597.00 sign-up fee

This People First certification gives you access to the How and Why of People.   You will understand how DISC and Driving Forces shows up in people and what can be done to use this knowledge to better align a team, get to know a persons authentic value and understand how help people know how to raise their influence through their genuine scientific self.


Included in this program is access to the Learn program for certification, access to my learning HUB for extra knowledge, access to y office hours for everyone in this course and guaranteed certification at the end of 90 days (or sooner if you are ready).

Shari's leadership advice and guidance has helped me grow tremendously! I work in a very fast paced environment where I'm expected to manage a high-volume of global projects all at once. She has helped me understand strategies for managing up, and maintain strong cross-functional relationships in order to achieve daily tasks and overarching career goals. Shari is consistently spot-on with her ability to put herself in your shoes, and truly understand what any situation needs, while giving the best tactical directives as next steps to take with you for the future. From working with Shari at the event, and outside of it, she has helped me become a more defined conscientious leader. I highly recommend this event to grow personally, and in your career!

Likey Fasano - Senior Producer at Apple