Thinking Ahead

What does your year look like? Yes, I mean the entire year. Have you Properly Prepared to Promote Premium Performance? (The four P’s). I know this is usually formatted in the negative tone; example: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance, but I just prefer to focus forward in a positive brain vein. I mean, it is about our brains and what we feed them, right? So, let’s feed it good stuff to remember, and use positive language.

Now, let’s get down to business: Can you answer the following questions for 2017?

  1. What are your projected sales, overall, categorically and departmentally (if it applies)?
  2. What specifics have to happen to achieve those goals?
  3. Are there any special projects the team wants to achieve this year?
  4. Who will be in charge of bringing the framed idea to the table for conversation nd consideration?
  5. What are your deadlines?
  6. Has everyone individual mapped out their Action Plan?

There are more questions, but I think you get the thought process and message here. In order to be prepared for today, you needed to begin your planning months ago. But, do not give up and walk away now, just get busy! Are you a leader on your team? Are you a leader in your own life? Whether your 2017 goals include increasing your revenue or sales, making your team more efficient, or delegating more responsibilities and open up more time to grow your company, chances are your organization will be better equipped to achieve those goals with one crucial improvement: designing a more effective leadership strategy. And for me, this means it is up to everyone on the team!

Companies that prioritize developing their leaders can see up to a 48% increase in profitability, 22% increase in productivity, and 17% increase in client engagement, and it’s no mystery why. Better leaders are more engaged and more effective, and lead teams of more engaged and more effective employees.

But what exactly makes a better leader and how can you empower your leaders to perform at those high levels of performance?


Take the following into consideration:

  1. According to a recent study by Gallup, only 10% of people have the natural talent to lead at a high level of performance.
  2. 87% of the time the people in leadership positions don’t have these high levels of natural leadership talent.
  3. Research conducted by our leadership experts through decades of experience show that high-performing leaders have 5 key leadership traits in common—all of which can be learned.
  4. The first 90 days of a manager or senior leader’s tenure defines how he or she will perform as a leader; however even mid-career every leader, regardless of experience level, can improve his or her leadership capabilities with ongoing leadership training and coaching.
  5. 98% of leaders say they wish they had more opportunities to participate in leadership development programs.
  6. When a leadership team transforms to attain these high levels of leadership skills, companies can see improvements such as over 40% increase in revenue, over 20% increase in efficiency, and more.


The bottom line is if you don’t currently have a strategy for developing your leaders, then you have an outstanding opportunity to achieve measurable results in key areas of company performance. I have always believed in beginning with SELF. Everyone is a leader, in one way or another. So, I talk about leadership strategy in a One2One manner, always. That means directly to who is listening. We all have a responsibility in leadership.

Think of the guy in the back of the class not paying attention, and maybe even picking his nose (that outta make you remember this story). At first, he is the only one. But soon, two others are not paying attention, then someone else puts their head down. In a way, the first guy “led” the rest of the actions. So whether it is in a positive way or not, everyone can be a leader, in some way.

So how do you think ahead and plan a leadership strategy? Begin with YOU! Why you? Well, you are the only one you can control, so look at yourself first. What do you bring to the table, What do you do well? And what do you not do so well?

If you are reading this share it with someone. That is about giving is first(to others). Plus the more of us that are on the same path, the better it is for all. And there is no better path than self-reflection. Once you have shared this, look at yourself and decide what you can do to understand you better this year. To me, that means looking to ourselves for our own improvements and choices to accomplish things. It means taking responsibility for our part in relationship building and communication within our lives; at work, at home and with friends and family. It means thinking ahead and being Driven!

Then look around and work on understanding others. Look for their “Why” and take time to figure out what motivates them and how they think. But, it all begins with knowing yourself first. This year instead of taking what comes, decide to make it happen instead. Take the lead and make the choice to Think Ahead! It can make all the difference in the world!

Here’s to a year to be Driven to Success! Driven to Achieve! Driven to Accomplish! Driven to . . . what are you Driven to do in 2017???? I want to know! So comment below, please!


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