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Each year, Shari hosts the Lead Your Legacy Women’s Leadership Retreat. Women who attend are interested in learning about the power of understanding their authentic leadership styles and using this knowledge to influence being an impactful leader, business owner and human being.  

The annual Women’s Lead Your Legacy Retreat

Learning from the Past

Designing for the Future

is being held

September 24-26th

In the Tahoe Trees

Come join us next year in person for a leadership experience that will shift how you view communication, teamwork and your leadership styles!  Come have fun in the trees, on the lake and with like minded career women who are ready to dig in and gain greater influence and impact professionally, personally and in a big way!

Women from all industries and levels of leadership will also participate virtually through a very interactive platform that engages them, supports a sustainable experience and is invigorating.

Shari created this retreat in order to help women sharpen their skills and spheres of influence. To influence, you need to connect.  Connection is being sought in a different way than ever before and innovative leaders are implementing these leading edge strategies to grow their female leadership.

 As a woman, you have the qualities companies are seeking in their leadership! There is every reason in place for you earn a position of greatness in your chosen field. We will guide you to understand your styles, drivers and how that shows up when you lead.  We will reveal your naturally given qualities, clarify your language, actions, and thoughts to help you better see yourself through others eyes.

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We have an experience of a lifetime waiting for you in Tahoe Trees!

At the retreat, attendees can expect to … deactivate stress and bring joy into your everyday world

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The Women’s LYL Leadership Retreat allows attendees to:

women at a conference

During the retreat, you will:

Get the goods
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Ladies will take their first step into  TRANSPARENT VULNERABLE LEADERSHIP

Transparent Leadership must be learned and is different than how we have been leading. You can benefit from investing in training which brings the following results:

Attendees Rave About Shari!

Attendees from the past two years are raving about their journey during the retreat and throughout the year since attending.

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