Work to Become, Not to Acquire

Work to Become, Not to Acquire

This is such an inner intense subject so bear with me as I open my kimono and show my naked for a minute.  Acquiring is an external action mostly sought for external pleasure whereas Becoming is an internal action that is sought to gain knowledge, achievement, improvement.

Becoming is something we seek to bring a higher level of understanding of our lives. It often brings sustainable value and a lifetime of change that benefits us. 

Acquiring a new car, a better job, more friends are all external. In my experience leaders make one of the biggest mistakes when they work to acquire versus becoming all they can be.

Becoming a better leader, a dedicated follower, a more loyal friend are all internal.

So, how do you work to become? What is the first step?  

You need to learn to be comfortable with your “naked” self. You need to master knowing who you show up as in this world. And how does that happen? Well, I can tell you this . . it will not happen alone. You can not do this by yourself – at least most of us can not. There may be a small percentage (it has to be less than 1%) that can figure it all out without reading, attending training, or hiring a coach. But most of us CAN NOT and WILL NOT unless we take a different action to make it happen.

Do you feel uncomfortable talking about yourself? Do you feel uncomfortable accepting a compliment – or does a compliment almost feel too good?  

Or do you push compliments away with your critical faculty and not allow them into your subconscious mind where everything is true? guy staring at the ocean

Believe it or not, this is your subconscious mind calling you.

What? You didn’t hear the phone ring? Maybe you were not in tune.  

You weren’t listening.  

Your subconscious calls to you every day. It prods you to begin to practice to develop a full, rich sense of self.  

In other words, it is asking you to get to know yourself. This is the system you activate when you take a deep breath and feel the stretch inside your chest and abdomen.

Your subconscious mind urges you daily to step inside and understand who you really are but most days we spend too much time being what we think we need to be based on our surroundings.  

I know, some of you are saying. Not me, I am who I am. For you guys thinking that – I challenge you – do you really know yourself? Have you seen your “naked”?  

Can you tell me if you are instinctive or intellectual? Altruistic or selfless? Collaborative or Commanding?

I love looking through clients’ behavioral hierarchy with them to uncover the 12 aspects of their behavior that influences the world around them.

And I am not talking about a free DISC assessment online. I am talking about the true five sciences of self and more. Validated processes that help define us with words, emotions, and thoughts.

Unless you are using a reliable, validated scientific process to uncover your DNA, your true self, and all that goes with that – you only think you know who you are.  

Don’t get me wrong, you do know what you know. But, from experience, I will tell you that what you know is such a small percentage of what really exists inside of you.

For years -I thought I was not enough -and yet -I was too much for most people. This was my worldy conditioning from a turbulent childhood where I was taught I wasn’t enough. I went into hyper mode to prove I was enough -and kept at it well into adulthood. That’s when I truly learned the value of me.

Let’s face it. No one teaches us how to access this gold inside of us.  

I will tell you that every single one of the hundreds of people I have helped uncover their “naked” has had an awakening. A sort of soul arising. A personal encounter with themselves that has brought light and happiness into their lives more fully.

They feel confident, clear, and empowered with their scientific data, their “naked” and they begin to enjoy the process of learning to “dance” through life with this new found information about themselves. They feel invigorated, inspired.

Now, don’t confuse this with self-esteem. What I am talking about here is a sense of self, it is real and is the seat of the power of your subconscious mind.

I have reinvented myself many times over the years and through my career, but my value system has stayed the same. I still have the same innate behavior style and communication skills, sort of, but now I am in control.  

I have always believed that we hold the power within us. And we do. But we first have to understand what we bring to the table. We have to be willing to have difficult conversations and I am known for these.  

Not only that – but we need to then master that understanding so we can share ourselves with others. This is where the true magic happens. And I would love to be here to guide you through the process.  

But that is not going to happen until you are curious enough to be uncomfortable for a minute. Are you ready? 

Reach out and allow me to uncover your gold, your “naked”.

Allow us to answer any questions you might have to help you “Get Naked, Get Comfortable & Get Real”!

Get your Greatness on, I know you have it in you!


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