Developing Leaders

 to  be People-First Champions

Poor communication, misunderstandings and misdirected teams are the number one internal factor that can bring your business to a grinding halt.

Stress, conflict, and high turnover result in lost profits, low engagement, poor productivity, lost profits and unhappiness. 


Are you throwing money away on rebranding additional marketing or a new technology that doesn’t address the issue and may make it worse?

The good news is that this problem can be uncovered and fixed in my one-day seminars, monthly programs, or long-term engagements.

As a growth strategist, I help align your team, increase your sales and gain accountability on your team by using an innovative technique to develop your team’s people skills.


This is your MUST GO TO EVENT if . . .


Allyship has your interest and you want to know how to be successful at being an ally in your company.

You are even more burned out than you were a year ago, and your burnout is not going away, in fact, it may be escalating.

You continue to be under-recognized and under-represented for promotions, substantial salary increases, and “big” assignments and you see it happening to others.

You have considered leaving your company or switching jobs, even though you are an instrumental part of the team, even though you love your job.

You may even be thinking of downshifting your career because you can’t get it to change.

The current economic challenges have had an effect on everyone, especially women.  The broken rung is real.

And maybe it is as simple as you want help developing your leadership skillset.

If any of these apply, you need to know how to take the right steps to change.


If you are a CEO, VP or Director reading this, you may want to know this answer.

Why would you want to send your people to an event that starts by pointing out the pain normally shoved under the rug?

Let’s get right to the point.

It is simple. Because you can’t solve anything you are not willing to look straight in the eye.

You don’t have the time to solve everything yourself, and if you are a great leader, you know you can’t.

This is where I can help.

I will show every woman attending this event how she holds the answers to everything right inside of her. I show her how to take a positive approach to her leadership development and help her align her styles with your company’s goals through being valued, seen and heard.

Now, let me get back to talking to each woman reading this . . . that’s the conversation that helps women know this training is for them. It starts with engagement right away!

Raise Your Employee Productivity



I help leaders deliver results with data-driven actions that help shape their organization.

Curated experiences help your teams to reconnect and bond using new tools for communication, behavior analysis, compassion-based exercises, and a bit of humor.

My team-building workshops have consistently proven to help:


When you can identify your values, styles, and drivers that align with the culture, vision, and mission of your company, every day becomes happier.


Through trusted, transparent collaboration, you can gain greater self-awareness, tap into your authentic potential, and strengthen your leadership skills.


This is what allies are made of!


Experience a more in-depth understanding of your styles and their benefits in a way that helps you show up authentically, genuinely, and with natural influence.


This raises your level of confidence in the workplace.


I support you, the working women warriors who are going beyond and making meaningful change.

During the Leadership Workshop, I will help you:

  • Outline specific, conversational talking points which will help you stand out.
  • Identify leadership differentiators that are naturally yours.
  • Craft new leadership language as a People First Culture Creator.
  • Become a change agent in your organization, while setting and exceeding goals and leading teams to success
  • Clarify your highly-sought-after leadership, people, and decision-making skills, and your capacity to deliver results with confident, effective communication. 


At the 2023 Women’s Leadership Workshop, I will work directly with YOU, because I see you as
an influential woman who is eager to embrace her individuality in the workplace! (yes, because you chose to attend)


Let’s celebrate it – women offer a different perspective and a way of working with and managing people that produces successful outcomes.

During the event, I will address top issues women face in the workplace, along with
how to work through and overcome opposition to clear your path to greatness.

I know the current economic challenges have had an effect on everyone, especially women. 
We will break through the biases in the workplace and expose the cracks that were revealed during the pandemic.


Learn how you can be genuine and take the right steps towards success.


Breaking the bias and being an ally is not only necessary for the well-being of women, but for society as a whole.

  • The intertwining of generations provides multiple opportunities, ways of thinking, and experiences with each other.  Instead of differences dividing, learn how it brings value and holistic alignment to your team.
  • Effective solutions emerge with everyone working together, casting a new light on well-worn issues. Take solutions home with you.
  • Being Real is the only way to rise through the ranks without changing who you are — imagine what you will accomplish!


One of the real game changers that emerges from the Women’s Leadership Workshop is the alignment of our joint goals, raised visibility of important information, and the network of women that has continued to grow each year. 

Not to mention the new lasting friendships in our circle of sisterhood.

We always remember how people make us feel.

The current work environment is calling for leaders that build connected cultures. 

This is you. You need to consider how you make people feel when applying your leadership styles.  This is your opportunity to be the leader that paves the way to successful change.

Your experience will shift your mindset and trajectory. This is because I teach in a mastery-based method that gives you the ability to dig in deeply and immediately create change and sustainable learning.

When you leave, you will always remember how comfortable and familiar you became so quickly with our group and me. The trust we shared will stay with you.  Your perspective will be changed in some way.

I am energized when helping women of influence. This is you. 

Join me in September 2023 for a truly life-changing experience.


Stay Tuned! Exact schedule, special guest speakers update and more to be revealed soon!