Lead Your Legacy Women's Online Leadership Training

The Women's Leadership Training that is guaranteed to change your world!


Ever wonder to yourself, “Why did they do that?” Or better yet, “Why did I do that?”

There is an explanation that is scientifically based and is 100% accurate.  This is the answer to how you can shift your career into high gear!

If you’re ready to build your influence and impact the people around you without being shut down, stonewalled, or silenced, then I want you to take a brave look at your “naked truth”.

I want you to know who you are and how you show up in a new and different way.

Why? Because the world in which we do business is unknowingly still operating to support men and suppress women. Yes, it’s getting better, but I’m not going to sit around waiting for a miracle to experience my own success. Are you?

And let’s be real. It is no one’s fault. So, I am not going to point any finger of blame in this course. I know the most effective solution lies within you, and that’s where my efforts are focused for you.

It is the only thing you truly have the ability to control, Y-O-U.

Instead, let’s shine a light on your authentic self right now and take back your earned seat at the table!

That can happen when you lead your legacy through my online program and what it teaches you.

I am here to change the world and I need your help.

True world change does begin within you. As you work on your communication and relationship building, the world around you will change.

Change starts with you.

In this course, you will discover how to:

Learn more about what is happening in your day to day

Identify your value as a human leader

Connect with your authentic styles and drivers

Gain the confidence to commandeer the room

Maximize your effectiveness throughout your life

Love that there is this online version of the training here so we can revisit Shari's messages and teachings again and again! I attended the women’s live event, Shari gave us tools to help our mind, body and soul operate at a top capacity, as well as connecting us with like-minded women searching for the same balance within themselves. Because we were open with each other about the challenges we face as women in the world and in business, we were able to get real, get raw and get NAKED! I can’t wait to see my soul sisters again and to meet some new ones.

- Jacklyn L.

Empowering Women In The Workforce

Your Key To Success

We can begin building bridges across already existing gaps, and develop our relationships through authentic experiences, together!

Women I’ve worked with have achieved a 99.9% success rate for their personal growth.

It’s a bold claim, and it’s true. You’re already on the right track just by reading this course description. You’re bold, brave, hungry, and motivated to become the absolute best version of yourself.

I’m here to help you unlock your full potential. To uncover effective techniques that you can implement quickly in your daily life, so you can be boldly different.


Same heart. Same core.

Unleash new confidence. Gain pep in your step as you walk along your new personal path toward an infinitely better outcome.

Is there some hard work to do? Yes. To be perfectly honest, results only come from digging in and doing the work. At our yearly event, we do the work.  

And I want to offer you an opportunity to do the work right in your daily life.  So, I put my LYL women’s leadership training online!

I’ve made almost every part of our in-person experience from our Lead your Legacy Womens Leadership Conference accessible to you, right here online. Learn what women are learning at my annual event right here, right now!  Watch my videos, and take notes if it works for you. Power through, or take your time.


You will get the results you’re looking for in our online course!

How much would you pay to feel confident, because you know exactly what to do and what to say to make a difference? You can find a great university to spend $200,000 and a few years to earn your MBA, which may give you that feeling or you can learn through this course and gain the skills you need to succeed – much faster!

If you think it is unfair that women are still passed over and not listened to in the workplace, this is your chance to show the world what women can do – what you can do, in a positive, supportive manner.

Find your inner strength to make your voice heard in every room you walk into because you matter.

I learned that I am an amazing, talented executive. I’ve always been the only female representative on my sales team and the top performer in my career, but I wasn’t using my feminine characteristics because I was told to be tough. This training has given me my confidence back and opened up doors where my talents are being utilized: having focus, doing what I love, and helping people.

- Michelle P

Find Your People

Accountability is one of the key factors that helps keep people on track – even you, no matter how motivated you are.

It is well known that joining a tribe of like-minded women can help to explode your sense of self-confidence and make you feel like you truly belong, because you do.

You do belong here and you deserve to feel good about yourself. I hope you begin your journey right now with this course.

When you sign up for Lead Your Legacy Women’s Leadership Online Training, you get lifelong access to our exclusive group of women who have been through, what you’ve been through, and are striving for similar lofty goals.

If you’ve been searching for a community of intelligent, supportive, women of merit and influence, this is it.

As a part of our group, you get to ask important questions, and offer essential anecdotes. Find companionship and togetherness as we build for more and better.

Together we rise and get the opportunity to shine next to such incredible women is a priceless gift for my development and determination.

- Kay S

This Leadership-Hacking Course Builds Bridges

This course is for you if you’re ready to take action and become the key to making sure your workplace communications and relationships are running smoothly, with amazing results!

Ready? Set?

Download my “26 Key Characteristics & Behaviors of Successful Women Leaders” right here to help you take an honest inventory of your leadership so you can lead your legacy to greatness through your transparent, vulnerable, and authentic leadership styles.

Leadership is accessible and available to every single woman, no matter how she chooses to lead. The secret is in knowing who you are, and what your “naked truth” looks like.

Remember that leadership is not just in the world of business, a woman can have a great impact at home, in the community, in society, and in life. You are worth the time, money and effort it takes to develop your personal leadership so you can have all the influence and impact you desire.

You’re In Charge Now!

Take control of your destiny by recognizing and working on the right things will bring you the results that make you unstoppable.

This course will to relieve tons of stress from your life so you can come to work eager to do some good in the world and leave knowing you made a difference.

You can now enjoy more meaningful and increasingly positive relationships with your employees – even the ones you’ve had a hard time reaching in the past.

Best of all, you will stop feeling ditracted. By accomplishing more during the day, you can leave your work at work with ease, and start enjoying your personal life even more.

The financial investment is small, and imagine how much value you will get from finally being able to show up and be seen for your authentic greatness. 


You will be able to effectively lead and manage a happy, engaged, and effective team.


All I ask is that you try it out and do the work. I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

WHY?  Because I believe in supporting women leaders and providing my allyship to you.


The only thing you have to lose are those inhibitions that hold you back in your career, your business, and your life.

As an added bonus, when you enroll today, I’m going to throw in the “4 Things You Need to Know” mini-course for free! Why? Because I want you to succeed – plus it pairs so perfectly with “Lead Your Legacy Women’s Leadership Training.”