NAPA Special – Find out your scientific naked!


NAPA Special - Find out your scientific naked!


During my seminar, I gave you the opportunity to uncover your styles, without using scientific predictive technology.  That’s fun, but it is important before you act on anything you uncovered, to find out if you are right.  I wouldn’t want you to think you are a High D, when you are really a High S in distress (one of the most common misdiagnoses with DISC).

Let’s find out how correct your perception of your naked leadership really is.

Taking this next simple step will be eye-opening for you.   There are some great lessons in just looking at the difference (if there is one) between what you think/feel and what is scientifically validated.

This is step one towards setting your new mindset and bringing predictive technology into your toolbox. You will get your characteristics pages t