Poor Communication Is Costing You Money.

Let’s just come out and say it: miscommunication is likely costing you or someone you know a ton of money.  It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, freelancer, manager, or employee – without a strong understanding of collaboration and communication style you are missing out on opportunity. 

Experts estimate that 400 billion dollars a year is lost due to poor communication style. 


Most of us have found ourselves in at least one of those situations. 

Here is the kicker, not everyone communicates the same way.

These are all common situations that we face daily, and the reality is that ineffective communication doesn’t have to be a problem.

But it is. It’s a big problem. And if we don’t address the miscommunication it will continue to cost us and the organization we represent money.

John Adams once said, “Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.” So the way I see it, big problem means big opportunity.

"Growing people first champions that raise value and engagement within their workforce."

- Shari Pheasant

Changing The World One Team At A Time

Alright, we have established that miscommunication is a huge problem. Great! What now?

Luckily for us a team of scientist took the guess work out of how to have effective communication. Here is what we learned:

Communication styles can be categorized. There are four main categories. 

Each category is like a dimmer switch, it isn’t on or off, yes or no, in or out – everyone falls somewhere in between. Knowing where someone falls on each spectrum can help them customize their communication to be more effective and strategic. 

Take a look at the example report to see how we can predict behaviors and communications. This report takes less than an hour to generate and includes over 50 pages of valuable, customized information about you or someone you are building a relationship with.

Shari Pheasant Can Help You Create Lasting Impact

Shari’s highly sought-after leadership programs are deeply meaningful for everyone involved, facilitating the key actions that are required for true change.

As a business innovator, growth strategist, talent development specialist, engagement consultant, organizational facilitator and powerful keynote speaker, Shari continues to be deeply involved in personal growth and how it plays a massive role in shifting your company culture. As a certified professional behavioral analyst, Shari understands that your employee happiness is the strongest profit driver in your business.

Her innovative approach to building, growing, and inspiring company culture from the inside out starts with a people-first strategy. She believes that no one is broken, but that we can all benefit from new insights in how to interact so that we can consistently create win-win scenarios where everyone feels happy. Shari collaborates with leading consultants and coaches; working with hundreds of businesses to improve communication, engagement and achievement. Through transparency and sustainable communication techniques, she assists leaders in successfully gaining greater alignment, a stronger trajectory of success, and a fully engaged, innovative culture.

Boots on the ground! Shari dazzles the from her very first step on stage. She has a reputation for helping to ease into the difficult but important conversations and working through them until you’re able to realize true change. Shari will push, challenge, and inspire you to shift yourself and the world around you, offering the tools you need to do it right, now.

Shari’s company, Horsepower Strategies blends human psychology with leadership and team support using the magic of caring for horses. This innovative system creates breakthroughs in personal leadership, occupational therapy, physical rehabilitation and psychological therapy. The life-changing Barn Boot Camp program became the launching point for a successful path in live speaking events, private workshops, and online courses.

Awards and Accolades

Wow! Shari is exciting, energetic, and genuine! You can feel the passion she has for the industry. I was motivated and intrigued by all the knowledge she shared. I hope to see more of her!"

- Zach A., Auto Shop Owner

Unlock Your Best Team - Compassion Is Evergreen

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How would your entire business change if your employees all got along, respected you, and felt respected by you? Imagine looking forward to coming in every day at the office because you truly value the work that is getting done and feel like your employees truly value the work you do.

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