Getting to Know You

How am I supposed to know myself when I keep changing as I age? I mean, I know I like strawberries, horses and turquoise jewelry, right? But that is different. When I talk about getting to know yourself I want you to understand how you think, why you make decisions and what blind spots can hold you back.

I have reinvented myself many times over the years and through my career, but my value system has stayed basically the same. I still have the same innate behavior style and communication skills, sort of, but now I am in control.

What do I mean by in control?

If I am in control, I understand how I communicate and how others might perceive me, including those with very different personalities. I am able to adjust and take into consideration how others absorb and communicate so I can connect to them in their style.Sort of like, bridging the GAP, so to speak (which is another month’s lesson focus). And it has proven to be very beneficial to me in my career and life.

Looking on the inside to understand yourself, how others might perceive you and to see the effects your actions have around you is vital to becoming the best YOU, you can BE!

This month, take the time to KNOW how you respond, what is important to you and how to be true to that. You are your biggest supporter, fan and champion. Take that seriously. Because only YOU can direct your life and its success.

Aspire to greatness, I know you have it in you.

~ Shari

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