Unwrap Yourself

Have you ever wondered who you really are, beyond the surface? Join me, Shari Pheasant, as I take you on a journey of self-discovery in my latest blog post. I’ll share my personal experience of peeling back the layers to reveal my true self, or as I like to call it, getting “naked.” This isn’t about shedding clothes, but about uncovering the scientific truths of our inner selves. It’s a journey that might feel uncomfortable at first, but I promise, the clarity and control you gain over your life are worth it.

I remember when I first started the scientific process of knowing myself. I always thought I knew who I was, but was soon to discover something very different.

I knew what I was good at, and what I was not. I knew what I liked and what I did not.

So who was I? I considered myself a strong, intelligent woman. I liked horses, business and believed in standing up for what was right. I was dedicated, responsible and caring. I liked country music, Motown and could dance the night away. Green was my favorite color and I liked to laugh. I took initiative and enjoyed work. I was competitive. I was dependable. I was honest.

But, how am I supposed to know myself when I keep changing as I age? I mean, I know I like strawberries, horses and turquoise jewelry, right? But that is different. When I talk about getting to know yourself I want you to understand how you think, why you make decisions and what blind spots can hold you back.

Then I learned what I did not know. I learned my “naked.”

Naked? Yes, I said it. Naked. But it is not what you think. To me, “Getting Naked” is about knowing who you are from the inside out, scientifically. It is about being transparent and pulling back your kimono.

I bet you never thought that was possible. Oh, but it is, and it is amazing stuff! My scientific data opened my eyes. It might be a bit uncomfortable at first, but your real growth begins when you begin to venture into your uncomfortable zone.

Although I found myself to be positive, confident and assertive, others saw me differently. I found out how perception can change what is positive into a not so positive thing. Sometimes they found me abrasive, opinionated and demanding.

And that wasn’t all. Snap decisions, lack of a written plan and firefighting were some of my potential time wasters. I also had a tendency to take on too much, too fast and am so concerned with the big picture that I forget to see the little pieces.

The biggest “Aha!” moment came when my scientific results revealed that my level of urgency, competitiveness, versatility and frequent change were about double the average person. Yet my ability to follow systems and procedures, comply with policy and the ability to do the job the same way every time were at only half the level of the average person.

Ok, breathe. Can you imagine what it feels like to be “naked” in the middle of a concert? That’s how I felt.

Now what?

Well, that is maybe 2% of what I learned when I finally was introduced to the five sciences of self several years ago. And it has been quite the journey since.

I have learned how to take control of myself. Because now that I really know what my DNA make-up of behaviors, driving forces, EQ, competencies and acumen bring to the table, I can make conscious choices of what to do with what I have. And I make it work to my advantage versus flying by the seat of my pants.

What do I mean by in control?

If I am in control, I understand how I communicate and how others might perceive me, including those with very different personalities. I am able to adjust and take into consideration how others absorb and communicate so I can connect to them in their style. Sort of like, bridging the GAP, so to speak (which is another month’s lesson focus). And it has proven to be very beneficial to me in my career and life.

I am crystal clear about what tools are in my toolbox in life and I have now had years to practice using those tools to their best advantage. I have also helped hundreds of others discover their “naked.”

And the results have been amazing.

Are you curious about your “naked?”

Are you willing to step up and make the change in your life (and it will be a change).

Then I invite you to allow me to guide you through the process.

But, I have one warning. When you first find yourself standing “naked” at the concert, it might be a bit uncomfortable. But, I promise, you quickly become so comfortable in your own skin, you end up on stage, or maybe just dancing in the front row.

And what a wonderful feeling that is to be free, happy and able to use your tools to make ANYTHING you want happen in your life.

Get your Greatness on, I know you have it in you!


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